Thank you!

Muchísima gracias a Windsong y Me to We!

We had an amazing time here at Windsong. Kaitlyn and Nicole were wonderful facilitators and Christina and Nalita fantastic and lovely chefs! We met so many wonderful people and experienced and learned so much. Our time here will NEVER be forgotten!

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Dance Party

If there is a group of gators, you can bet that there is a dance party! What a fun way to end the weekend!

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Return of the Phone

Being tech free for a weekend- priceless.

Return of the phone- extreme excitement!

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Our Last supper

What a wonderful last evening!

The girls will be very sad to leave Christina and Nalita- our amazing chefs here. I know they have had several offers to come home with us because they are so great! They made us amazing homemade pizza and a delicious salad tonight.

After dinner- Justin and Webby made us a bonfire where the girls roasted marshmallows and drank delicious hot  chocolate.

What a wonderful last evening! Muchas Gracias!


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Hiking @Patagonia Lake

We were introduced to Gooch- who grew up on the border and has lived in the Patagonia area most of his life. He has a fascinating history and knowledge of Thai land that he shared with the girls and they hiked around beautiful Lake Patagonia.

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A beautiful day in Southern Arizona

We woke up to a beautiful day in Southern Arizona. After another delicious breakfast, we headed to the Borderlands Seed Lab where we met Alegra and Paren. They explained what a seed lab does and about Borderlands (check out their website). We then separated seeds they had collected from around the area. After seeding, we sowed seeds into little viles so they could terminate and then be planted back into nature.

Borderlands Website



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Patagonia, AZ

Patagonia is a very small but quaint town. It is home to Tucson’s Audubon Paton Center for hummingbirds. While we didn’t visit the center, I have heard that it’s amazing and draws bird lovers from all over the world! Check out the website if you love birds. Paton Center for Hummingbirds

We stopped in Patagonia for a cold treat after a hard days work before we attended mass at St. Therese of Lisieux with Fr. George.  He gave a wonderful mass and it was such a nice way to be a part of the community. We also happened to meet a lovely couple that were Brophy/Xavier sweethearts! What a small world!

If you haven’t been to southern, Arizona, It is highly recommended. It is an extremely bio diverse land that is truly breathtaking!

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