Cafe Las Flores

We are currently visiting Cafe Las Flores and learning the process of coffee making. Very interesting and makes us all appreciate the great cup of coffee we have in the am.







About xcpgator

I am lucky enough to be a mother of two wonderful children, a teacher to hundreds of talented students and a coach. There is nothing like traveling to an amazing place and watching hearts open to new experiences and people. This is why I am so passionate about our trips withs Me to We. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!
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3 Responses to Cafe Las Flores

  1. mama says:

    Mija! I’m expecting a supreme cup of coffee when you come home! Your hamming it up! I haven’t seen any photo bombs yet! We miss you lots!!!

  2. Denise Von Der Linn says:

    So cool!! Now that’s my cup of tea…..Ha or should I say…coffee!! Can’t believe how quick time has gone. See you soon Case!! XO

  3. alden says:

    lex, no gilligan hat? Really, i understand. Love the pics.
    Can u bring home one of those sunsets and a tree frog?

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