The end AND the beginning.

One of my favorite components of the Me to We trip is the leadership aspect. The trip is not solely about working in the communities and  learning about the Nicaraguan culture. It is about the people and the country, but also of learning about local and global issues. Opening up yourself to things around you that you may not have paid attention to before. The lessons and work we do in Nicaragua don’t stop as we board the plane. It doesn’t even stop after we have landed in Phoenix, had a tall glass of cold water or soda and some american food. After arriving back home and sharing  experiences with  family and friends, our amazing  Xavier girls are already planning on how to “GIVE BACK.” Now this is not a foreign concept to these young women. Most of them have been volunteering and giving back in their community for years. This trip though really opens them up to not only giving back in their own community but also being global citizens and how they can help beyond their own backyard.

These ideas become ACTION PLANS! After thinking and discussing issues that are important to them, each girl develops an action plan to help her area of concern. This can be as simple as doing research and sharing/educating family and friends. This can also be fundraising or collecting for different organizations locally or globally. Students in a Spanish 1 class made alphabet books to help line the shelves of the San Diego library. While purchasing morning coffee, fair trade is discussed. The 2013 group, led by Shana, held a Zumba night where the proceeds were allocated to helping communities in Nicaragua have clean water.

As chaperons, we are thrilled  to share this experience with such amazing young women of faith. We are continually taken aback at how openly the girls give of themselves while here as they leave behind the comforts of home- ice, technology, electricity. This enthusiasm of giving back continues on  home soil as the girls share their experiences with others and continue to make a difference in world both locally and globally!!!!!! Gators…….. you truly are special. Thank you all for the wonderful memories!

Please check back with us periodically as we will post information on the action plans.

Nicaragua 2014

About xcpgator

I am lucky enough to be a mother of two wonderful children, a teacher to hundreds of talented students and a coach. There is nothing like traveling to an amazing place and watching hearts open to new experiences and people. This is why I am so passionate about our trips withs Me to We. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!
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