July 4th

We are spent the 4th of July in the community of San Diego continuing with the shoveling, hauling dirt, mixing cement, setting brick and getting the back garden ready to plant.
Before we got to work, we visited the Nicaraguan market in San Rafael Del Sur. It is a TRUE Nicaraguan market where the locals go to do their shopping. We met Theresa yesterday- a local mama in dan Diego who shared her daily life with us, and how our work in the community has helped she and her family. She explained to us that she makes the 7 kilometer trip to the market once every 15 days to purchase her food either by bus or motorcycle.
                                                (The family groups from the market)
After the market, The women from El Trapiche visited us to tell us about their alternative income project. Through Free the Children/Me to We, they make bracelets to sell locally to groups, schools etc to help their families and their community. Some of the women use the money for school- house for transportation to school, or fees for school, and some use it for medicine and other needs of the family. They are truly amazing women who learned hoe to make beautiful jewelry.
Then we got down to work- and the girls did a great job!!!!! Soon proud of them.
Amos had a treat for us for the fourth that the girls were excited about……. burgers fries, and apple pie with ice cream…. What a treat!! Thank you AMOS!!!



Mr. Briddell actually getting ready for the Nicaraguan polo tournament!!!



About xcpgator

I am lucky enough to be a mother of two wonderful children, a teacher to hundreds of talented students and a coach. There is nothing like traveling to an amazing place and watching hearts open to new experiences and people. This is why I am so passionate about our trips withs Me to We. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!
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10 Responses to July 4th

  1. jeff zurbriggen says:

    Great work girls! Nic will never be the same. Way to get your hands dirty. We love and miss you mimi! Thank you so much chaperones.

  2. Jana Johnson says:

    Good work girls!! We’ve had a happy 4th here and I want to thank Nicole for her cute birthday card and gift. We missed you! Love, your YiaYia

  3. M Johnson says:

    Happy 4th to all of you! Love seeing and reading what you all are up to. Great works for the San Diego community.

  4. Lana Holmes says:

    Thank you SO much Ms. James, for posting so many pictures to the blog!! We’re loving that we’re able to see the wonderful work that all of you are doing and we’re so proud of each and every one of you!! Lots of love to the whole Nicaragua group!! Can’t wait to see what is posted next, it makes our whole day!! -Lana & Brad Holmes 🙂

  5. Stacy Missigman says:

    Thank you for the pics and updates. We are enjoying them very much. Lots of family and friends are checking frequently.
    Prayers for all of you!
    – The Missigmans

  6. Sandra and Andrew Fernandez says:

    Happy 4th of July girls! We love seeing your pictures! Please keep them coming! Enjoy every minute of the experience! It looks like you are working hard and having a good time together! Miss you and we will see you soon! Love you Aydyn! 😘 Mom and Dad

  7. Anonymous says:

    The garden is looking great! It is truly wonderful how you girls and your teachers are sharing your talents with the people in San Diego. Caroline — you need to get in some of these pictures — at least one! We miss you honey and love you. Can’t wait to see you. Glad you got some treats for the 4th! Lisa Hyland

  8. Lisa Leier says:

    Looks like a lot of hard work and fun! What a great experience and opportunity for you all! Love all the pictures and blog communication. Can’t wait to try the salsa Ms. James!!! Love You Gabby ❌⭕️!!
    Mama Leier

  9. Glenn leier says:

    Looks like you guys are having an awesome time. Love you and miss you Gabby. Go Gators🐊

  10. D. Macrina says:

    WOW!!! am I on a trip down memory lane! The school looks beautiful and all your hard efforts are excellent. Really miss this trip.. have a blast Jenny Jeremy and Claire and all you Gators!!!

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