Granada, Nicaragua

We visited Granada Granada yesterday and were able to visit the oldest church said to be in the Americas.




Then we went to Cafe de las Sonrisas and Tio Antonio told the girls – translated by Joe, how he came to open the cafe and hammock shop and how they were to make a hammock for Pope Francis!!! Tio Antonio is SUCH and inspiration and wonderful speaker. All of his employees are deaf and the food is amazing!!! If ever in Granada it is a MUST!!!!


About xcpgator

I am lucky enough to be a mother of two wonderful children, a teacher to hundreds of talented students and a coach. There is nothing like traveling to an amazing place and watching hearts open to new experiences and people. This is why I am so passionate about our trips withs Me to We. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!
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2 Responses to Granada, Nicaragua

  1. Margaret Johnson says:

    Love this group photo in front of the beautiful wood doors.

  2. Jeff zurbriggen says:

    Great group picture! What a great experience. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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