About Gators Give Back

XCP Gators give back is a  group of young women from Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, AZ that will travel to Nicaragua to a small village. It is because of their appreciation for their own education that we travel with Me to We’s “Adopt a Village” program. Adopt a Village is a unique approach to community development with components including; Education, Alternative Income, Healthcare, and Water and Sanitation. It is with education that these young women will leave the comfort of their homes, electricity and electronics to continue the tradition of making a difference. These young women, who spend hours of their free time giving back in their own communities, will now travel to a foreign country to make a difference. What amazing young women, and an amazing opportunity. We look forward to sharing our journey with you!

If you would like more information on Me to We visit them at: http://www.metowe.com

5 Responses to About Gators Give Back

  1. Shelly Cahill says:

    Go, Gators, go! We are praying for a safe, productive, and fun trip.
    Mrs. Cahill

  2. Amy Stern says:

    We’ll be thinking of you! Can’t wait to see pictures of the wonderful experience and rewarding work on the blog! And say hi to the ocean and Los Cardones for me 🙂
    Mrs. Stern

  3. Gail Hartman says:

    Keeping each of you in prayer for a successful mission!
    Mrs. Hartman

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