The end of the day!

You KNOW a gator has worked hard when they SLEEP instead of sing on the bus ride home. 🙂



A great day in San Diego!!!

ok…..ok…..Some of us are awake!!! LOL


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A beautiful Sunday

We started the day with a delicious typical Nicaraguan meal of gallo pinto,eggs and fruit.  After breakfast, we headed to a Nicaraguan market in San Rafael del Sur where the girls were to buy food as part of learning about Nicaraguan life. They practiced their Spanish and did a GREAT job! It was really fun to see.

After the market, it was more work at the community. It was hotter today, but the girls did a great job.

We met with Joe, our favorite cultural guide with Me to We,  who spoke to us about religion in Nicaragua to prepare us for mass. We attended mass in a local barrio and it was beautiful. Bianca did a great job introducing our group to the priest and congregation and the girls were able to practice the prayers they spent hours learning! A very proud teacher here!!!! Thank you Joe- what a beautiful experience.



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Having fun down in Nicaragua


Day 2- Our afternoon was filled with hard work…more digging, weeding, hauling of dirt and rocks and painting. The girls did an amazing job again. We continue to be so proud of them. It’s not easy work and definitely not cool! You ROCK GATORS!

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DĂ­a 2 en San Diego!

After a delicious breakfast, we headed to San Diego where we met Ariel- a teacher at San Diego.  He took us on a walk to describe how much the community has been impacted from the Me to We trips that come to help. We walked down to the river and learned how the community uses the river water to wash themselves as well as their clothes. They used to have to cross the river itself to access the community that is just on the other side. During the rainy season, it could be dangerous and they are grateful for the bridge that was built to improve the access between communities.


After our community walk, we had a delicious and savory lunch of beef, rice, salad, and avocado. Boy was I in heaven!!!!

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Working Hard in the Rain…

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1st Day in San Diego

What a success! We are soo proud of our gators. They didn’t work for long- a total of 2 hours, but boy did they get a lot done, and even with a light sprinkle! A little rain couldn’t stop these girls! 🙂

It was our foreman Dario’s birthday, so Camillo brought a cake, and everyone sang Feliz Cumpleaños to him and enjoyed  yummy Nicaraguan cake! What a treat…

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Amos serves delicious food and this mornings breakfast was no different! What a great way to wake up!!


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